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Bars and Night Clubs:

SoftTouch POS Touch Screen System

SoftTouch system is the only point of sale solution with many business operation functions: Dining Room, Bar Operation, Take Out, Delivery Operations, Counter Operations, Drive Thru, and powerful, highly customizable BackOffice included in one single software package without costly add-on modules. Together, these operation functions give you a complete set of tools in business management, growth and expansion.

NCC Reflections POS System:

• Graphical Table Managementwith Table Status Indicators
• Credit/Debit/EBT/Gift Cards
• Bar Tabs with Credit Pre-Auth
• Time of Day/Day of Week Pricing
• Prep Instructions
• Beverage Enforcement
• Age Verification
• Split Item/Split Check
• Combine Check
• Recall Checks with Scanner
• Item Countdown and Auto 86
• Reorder Round
• Delivery/Call-In with Caller ID and Order History
• Inventory Control with Recipe Cost Analysis
• Labor Scheduling and Payroll
• Integrates with popular security DVR systems
• Loyalty Module
• Web/Mobile Ordering
• Seamless integrationwith Reflection POS®
Reflection POS® is proven software with more than 30,000 systems installed in 35 countries around the world. Reflection POS® is equipped with the most sophisticated network on the market. System information is automatically replicated on every terminal across the high-speed TCP/IP network. The self-healing network automatically corrects for interruptions and resumes data synchronization without management intervention. Built on solid-state technology and an embedded operating system, Reflection POS® is not susceptible to viruses or Spyware so you can rest assured that it will be ready to perform when you need it.

AIMsi Solution

As a Sports Bar Operator your responsibilities may range from inventory control, breaking down food packages for individual orders, inventory replenishment, deliveries, table and tab management, to sales and marketing. The AIMsi Sports Bar Business Solution provides you with the ability to automate and manage your day-to-day tasks with one integrated system. AIMsi for Sports Bars offers a point of sale system to process your sales, control your inventory with reorder calculation routines, track inventory items to give your top selling products, manage your vendors, and provide a solution for table management while providing an easy to use Touch Sreen with table Tab Tracking.


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