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Fast Food/Counter Service

SoftTouch Restaurant POS and Hospitality Management is the leader in restaurant point of sale technology innovation. Our standard restaurant POS touch screen computer solution provides essential tools for dining, bar, delivery (including pizza functions), take-out and quick service (counter and drive thru).

NCC Quick Service

Point of Sale Solution for Quick Service Restaurants
Fast, Reliable Quick Service POS
Quick Service POS Tailored for the Needs of the Quick Service Industry
Quick service restaurants face unique challenges—high turnover rates, shrinking margins, and fast customer service.

In order to be successful with these difficult demands, you need a quick service POS solution that is tailored for the needs of the quick service industry.
Reflection POS offers a myriad of benefits to quick service restaurants. Its intuitive interface and natural flow of order processing will ensure that employees are trained effortlessly and quickly.

New employees will be empowered to take orders accurately and efficiently from the day they start. Reflection POS for quick service restaurants gives staff the ability to handle orders in one window without navigating between multiple screens.

The quick service POS interface displays open orders, menu items, payments, and discounts all in the same window. Additionally, Reflection POS is flexible in that it integrates with quick service kitchen video systems and tablets to enable line busting. This saves valuable time and allows your staff to handle more customers quickly.
Seamlessly Integrate with Quick Service POS Peripherals
Handle the Varied Facets of Quick Service with Ease
Quick service POS needs to be able to direct the many unique facets that make up quick service establishments, including the drive-thru, dining room, and self-ordering kiosks.

Reflection POS effortlessly handles single and dual drive-thru concepts, even those with multiple order windows, all in the same interface.

Speed of Service
Customize screens and order flow to streamline the ordering process
On-screen order panels allow cashiers to easily switch between orders for adding items and processing payments
Set efficiency timers to report the speed of service at the counter or drive-thru
Automatic combo recognition improves cashier efficiency, ensures accurate pricing, and reduces the number of voided transactions

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Add customer facing displays to counter terminal, promoting products and ensuring accurate order entry and pricing
Interface with popular drive-thru order confirmation boards to provide customers with visual order confirmation and to provide valuable space to promote products
Offer multiple payment options, such as online and mobile ordering, credit and gift cards
Offer loyalty programs to incentivize customers and keep them coming back

Labor Management
Control your areas of highest cost
Track employee clock-ins and clock-outs
View detailed timekeeping and payroll reports
Optimize your labor scheduling
Schedule when employees can clock in and out with grace periods
Inventory tracking
Inventory Management
Track individual inventory items for usage and cost

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