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SoftTouch POS Touch Screen System:

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SoftTouch system is the only point of sale solution with many business operation functions: Dining Room, Bar Operation, Take Out, Delivery Operations, Counter Operations, Drive Thru, and powerful, highly customizable BackOffice included in one single software package without costly add-on modules. Together, these operation functions give you a complete set of tools in business management, growth and expansion.

NCC Reflections POS System:

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• Graphical Table Managementwith Table Status Indicators
• Credit/Debit/EBT/Gift Cards
• Bar Tabs with Credit Pre-Auth
• Time of Day/Day of Week Pricing
• Prep Instructions
• Beverage Enforcement
• Age Verification
• Split Item/Split Check
• Combine Check
• Recall Checks with Scanner
• Item Countdown and Auto 86
• Reorder Round
• Delivery/Call-In with Caller ID and Order History
• Inventory Control with Recipe Cost Analysis
• Labor Scheduling and Payroll
• Integrates with popular security DVR systems
• Loyalty Module
• Web/Mobile Ordering
• Seamless integrationwith Reflection POS®
Reflection POS® is proven software with more than 30,000 systems installed in 35 countries around the world. Reflection POS® is equipped with the most sophisticated network on the market. System information is automatically replicated on every terminal across the high-speed TCP/IP network. The self-healing network automatically corrects for interruptions and resumes data synchronization without management intervention. Built on solid-state technology and an embedded operating system, Reflection POS® is not susceptible to viruses or Spyware so you can rest assured that it will be ready to perform when you need it.

AIMsi Retail Point of Sale Systems:

AIMsi A complete point of sale (POS), inventory management, accounting and business software application. Much more than a typical “off-the-shelf” package, AIMsi provides you not only with a way to control inventory, manage customers and track sales, but also offers fully integrated custom add-on modules such as repair & service tracking, lesson/appointment scheduling, short-term rentals, rent and sales contracts, contact management, emailing capabilities, AP/GL and purchase orders. You can build your own custom retail software solution by adding on what you need. AIMsi also offers two distinct POS screens: a customizable touchscreen with an array of button options and a traditional, or classic, screen that uses a keyboard and mouse. Both options can be used with barcode scanning. Tri-Tech has been an industry leader providing business solutions since 1984


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