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Point of Sale Systems

Soft Touch Screen System:

From quick-service and delivery to bar/nightclub and upscale fine dining, SoftTouch POS offers the comprehensive functionality to power your hospitality business. Combining next generation innovation with common-sense screen ergonomics delivers an unparalleled restaurant management product. SoftTouch POS engineers’ uncompromising design strategy brings features and functionality to a pinnacle of achievement. Discover how SoftTouch POS transforms challenging real-world problems into automated business solutions with substantial application and benefit. Features such as tip-pooling and tip-dispersion are examples of highly usable approaches to historically challenging workflows.

NCC Reflections POS System:

Electronic Office and NCC know that time is money and quality service is a priority to your customers. Reflection POS® is the most reliable POS management system available.

AIMsi Retail Point of Sale Systems:

AIMsi is a complete point of sale (POS), inventory management, accounting and business software application.

Cash Registers:

Commercial Grade Electronic Cash Registers from SAM4s:
SAM4s ECRs are value-packed bundles ideally suited for a broad range of small to medium merchants. For one low price you get all the point-of-sale components your business needs, including processor, keyboard, printers, cash drawer, operator display, customer display, back-up disk and embedded application software. Purpose-built SAM4s cash registers provide traditional key security, are not affected by viruses, boot up quickly, and are extremely stable. Most SAM4s ECRs feature communication ports that support popular point-of-sale peripherals.

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