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AIMsi and Consignment/Resale


AIMsi contains many features designed to effectively assist the consignment store owner/manager with managing consignors and consigned inventory.


Consignment features

  • Just one customer file for both consignors and buyers, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry.
  • User defined consignor fees (percentage or flat rate).  Set up a default and change as needed by consignor or item.
  • Quick and easy batch entry of consigned items, with the ability to print labels when saved.
  • Quick and easy batch entry of purchased (buy outright) items, with ability to print labels when saved.
  • During the settlement process, choose to print the consignors a check, give cash, give gift card or create a credit on account to be used on purchases.  Set the defaults by consignor.
  • Designate a ‘print check’ fee if applicable, and ability to set a minimum amount to print a check for.
  • Quickly apply a credit from sold consigned items to sales.
  • Ability to automatically calculate buyer fees, as a percentage or flat rate.
  • Set default days in stock for automatic discount calculations.
  • Sales promotion feature provides you with the ability to easily setup discounts for special promotions and sales events.
  • Buyer wishlist and matching component.
  • Export sold history to the web and give consignors the ability to log-on and view their consigned items that have sold and current balance.

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