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AIMsi Customer Management

AIMsi and Electronic Office on Customer Management

Customer Management

The complete history of each customer remains in AIMsi until archived or deleted. View at any time purchases, payments, total money spent in any given date range, etc. The sales staff can search for customers by account number, first or last name and phone number. If the customer participates in a loyalty program with your store, the loyalty card can be scanned for quick customer look-up.

Additional Customer Management features
  • Maintain Complete Customer History
  • Customer Mail Merge/Letters/Labels
  • Search for Customer by Acct#, Last Name, Name or Phone#
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Pop Up Notes
  • Drivers License Info
  • Unlimited Shipping Address
  • Automatic Bill to Account
  • Store Credit Card Info
  • Automatic Discounts or Price Level
  • Associate Sales Person with Customer
  • Reverse Phone Number Look up
  • Auto Populate City/St by Zip Code
  • Customer Loyalty Card Program
  • Print Statements Aging Reports
  • View/Print Complete Customer History
  • List Top Customers
  • Delinquency Notices
  • Sales Analysis by Customer


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