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AIMsi Inventory Control

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Inventory Control

Have instant access to available inventory, sales staff can view inventory and determine what is available. When viewing inventory, sales staff can determine the numbers of days the item has been in stock, maximum discounts, price levels and other pertinent information that will facilitate the sale. Inventory searches can be performed by a number of key identifying fields.

Inventory is completely interactive with all modules. Inventory is as “Current” as the last transaction posted. Accounting audit trails are established to track Consignments, Trade-ins, Purchases, Floored Inventory, Sales Exceptions and Inventory Transfers to and from multiple chain stores.

Automatic Optimization of Inventory Levels –The inventory you purchase from your vendors is sometimes based on impulse, emotion or perceived savings through sales hype from the vendors. AIMsi eliminates these influences because the inventory optimization features are based on what you are selling. These automated procedures will replace the pen, paper and calculator approach to determining what to order, the quantities to order and the right time to order. They are designed to keep your store stocked with items that sell. Stock orders and seasonal orders can be generated in minutes.

Additional Inventory Control features

  • Color/Size Matrix
  • Store Product Images
  • Sales Discounts Date/Time Sensitive
  • Package Items
  • Kits
  • Supplier Database (active-e)
  • Serial# Tracking
  • Average Cost
  • Lookup Quantities at other Locations
  • Print Custom Barcode Labels (requires Barcode Labeling module)
  • Physical Inventory
  • Unlimited Vendors per Sku
  • Unlimited Depreciation Methods
  • Inventory Turns
  • Unlimited number of Sku’s
  • Unlimited Alternate Barcodes per Sku
  • Price Levels
  • Complete History per Sku (Sales, Rental, Transfer, Repair)
  • Track Floored Inventory
  • Minimum Selling Price
  • Track Inventory Returned to Vendor for Credit or Replacement
  • Volume Discounts


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