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AIMsi Management Tools & Reporting

AIMsi has powerful security features, enabling management to control what employees can see and do in AIMsi.  Management can establish unlimited security groups in order to block groups of employees out of certain areas of the software. Employees may also be blocked from performing certain functions (i.e. selling an item below the minimum selling price). Management override is always an option for exceptions.

AIMsi provides management with the following capabilities:  Analyze Sales by Time for Employee Scheduling, Analyze Sales Person Performance, Audit Reports, create messages for employees to see when clocking in or out, and more.

AIMsi has a Report Catalog with over 200 reports with selectable filter criteria. Each module in AIMsi has associated reports. There is also a report wizard built into AIMsi so you can create your own custom reports as needed. Export any report to Excel, Text, PDF or DBF format. You can choose to view the report on screen, print it or email it. AIMsi also interfaces with Crystal Reports for custom report writing.

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