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AIMsi Purchase Order

Purchase Order

The AIMsi Purchase Order module will help you lower your inventory levels, remove dead stock thus increasing your inventory turns. The purchase order module works off your min/max inventory levels that can automatically be set based on what is and is not selling in your store. The purchase order will combine your customer special orders and stock orders into one PO document that can be electronically sent to your vendor.

Your inventory is immediately updated when the purchase order is received. You can track back orders and other order problems. The purchase order may be canceled or kept open and the items not received put back into the reorder pool for the next time a purchase order is generated for the vendor. Pricing can be updated during receiving or entering the A/P invoice.

Additional Purchase Order features

  • Print Packing Lists
  • Interface with UPS Worldship and FedEx
  • Easily Check Customer Special Order Status
  • Track Best Vendor Price per Sku
  • Automatically Print Barcode Labels When Receiving
  • Easily Turn the a Customers Special Order into a Sale
  • Back Order Info can be Printed on Customers Receipt
  • Unit of Measure can be set for Items that are Ordered by the Package or Case
  • List Special Orders the have been Received but not Invoiced to the Customer
  • Print Reorder Reports
  • Print Order Status Reports
  • Electronic Capabilities for Orders, A/P Invoice and Product Availability (with participating vendors)

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