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AIMsi Rent & Sales Contracts

Long Term Rent & Sales Contracts

The Rent & Sales Contract module is designed to give the flexibility to each store for the control of rental, service, and installment contracts. The various type of rentals include: Rent Month to Month, Rent to Own, Sales Contracts, Lease Purchase, and Extended Warranty/Service Contracts.

The complete history of each contract is maintained, even after the contract is paid off or returned. Sales staff can easily look up a contract and view the complete breakdown of payments due, including payoff info.

Additional Features

  • Print Coupon Books
  • Print Rental Statements
  • Assess Late Charges
  • Establish Multiple Formulas for Calculating Credit
  • Track Collections
  • Exchange Inventory on Contracts
  • Automatic Credit Card or ACH Payments
  • Print Delinquency Notices
  • Record Rental Income on Each Serial#
  • Establish Early Payoff Discounts
  • Print Purchase Option Letters
  • Aging and Receivable Reports
  • MICR Coupon Scanning
  • Track Lease Service Fee
  • Track Maintenance Fee
  • Automatically Print Rental Contract Agreement
  • Print Delivery Tags
  • Associate Contract to a School
  • Setup Contract Templates for Speedy Contract Entry
  • Print Contract History


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