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AIMsi Short Term Rentals

Features for Short Term Rentals

Retailers that rent inventory on a short term (hourly, daily, weekend or weekly) basis know that it is crucial to keep accurate records of the entire rental process. Who needs what, when and for how long? The Short Term Rental module automates this process by enabling you to quickly determine the inventory on reservation as well as the inventory out on rent and when it is due back. Short term rentals can be tracked through both the customer record and inventory record.

Additional Short Term Rental features

  • Reserve Inventory for Future Rentals, specifying the Pickup Date/Time and Return Date/Time
  • Specify Pickup and Delivery Instructions
  • Collect a Deposit or Swipe Credit Card for the Security Deposit
  • Extend Due Date
  • Add Late Charges Easily
  • Pull a Reservation into the Rental at Pickup
  • View Availability by Type, Model or Serial#
  • Automatically Print Rental Agreement
  • Automatically Print Special Setup Instructions per Item Rented
  • Track Depreciation

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