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AIMsi T-Scheduler


The T-Scheduler is designed to track reservations and bookings of events, activities and rooms in increments of time.  The T-Scheduler is customizable in that the description of the “areas” to be reserved are set by you, in addition to the time increments.  Sample uses of the T-Scheduler module include:

  • Scheduling tee time reservations on golf courses
  • Scheduling tennis court reservations
  • Scheduling dance or fitness classes in a studio
  • Scheduling spa/masseuse services
  • Scheduling for a shooting range or shooting simulator
Additional T-Scheduler features


  • Schedule reservations, check in and pay from the T-Scheduler screen
  • Easily move, delete and change scheduled reservations
  • Set a minimum and maximum number of people for each time slot and entity (ie course, court, studio, room)
  • Issue rain checks
  • Compatible with touch screen monitor
  • Integrates with the customizable POS screen for payment
  • From the T-Scheduler, quickly access the customizable POS screen at the time of reservation or check-in for sale


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