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Bar Point of sale and Business Solution:

The complete history of every transaction is kept on the system until you archive or delete it. The history includes: what you sold, who you sold it to, when it was sold and for how much. This enables you to better analyze your sales, monitor the profitability of your inventory and determine how well your sales staff is performing.

AIMsi stands apart from the rest by offering two distinct POS screen options. One option is the “classic” POS screen which has a layout similar to an invoice, making input and navigation flow naturally.
The other option is a completely customizable POS screen where you decide the layout. You may create an unlimited number of menus and sub-menus. The menus are represented by buttons that you customize. You decide the text and color of the buttons, you can insert images onto the buttons, and you can decide what the buttons do. The customizable POS screen was designed to be used with a touch screen monitor, however, the touch screen monitor is not a requirement to use this option at POS.

Another important distinction between the two POS screens is that the customizable option is strictly for sales, whereas the classic option is not only used for sales, but can also be used to bring in special orders, turn proposals into sales, sell merchandise that was released on approval or demo, and more, for those stores that conduct these types of transactions. The classic sales screen may also be used in conjunction with accepting payments, releasing inventory on approval or demo, creating proposals, taking in consignments and trade-ins, initiating or completing repair and service tickets, and collecting payment for multiple transactions just once.

The POS screen options were designed to be flexible. One check-out station might be strictly touch screen, using the customizable POS screen option while another station might use the classic screen at POS. Also, the button menus are customizable by workstation and employee log-in, offering further flexibility and security.

Additional Point of Sale features
Quick sale feature to process small ticket sales in seconds.
Interfaces with PC Charge Payment Server for credit/debit card processing
Search for customer, scan loyalty card to pull up customer account, or establish customer name on the fly.
Run sales reports with a variety of selection options. Show gross margin percentages for commission purposes.
Scan barcodes
Specify sales per date range and inventory category in order for the discount to be applied automatically.
Establish package deals for special sales pricing and ease of processing.
Invoicing or house charge capabilities.
Print gift receipts.
List end of the day reports to balance with your cash drawer.
Quickly access inventory for availability and pricing while in POS.
Taxable & tax exempt line items on the same invoice.
Suspend & recall sales.
Unlimited payment tenders per sales transaction.
Enter a proposal with the ability to turn the proposal into a sale at a later date.
Automatically track sales dollars against preset purchase orders and their limits.
Track trade ins, consignments and used equipment purchases from customers.
Track inventory sent out as a demo with an established return date. The inventory record is coded as being out on demo. Turn the demo into a sale at a later date.
Enter special order items at POS and track progress of order. (Requires Purchase Order module)
Track layaway sales.
Specify sales per date range and inventory category in order for the discount to be applied automatically.
Create a table of standard messages to select to print on the invoice, or add invoice messages on the fly.
Complete multiple transactions at POS for one customer, collecting payment just once. Includes: sales, layaways, demos, special orders, payments, repair tickets and rental contracts.
Keep bar tabs.

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