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SAM4s SPS-2000

SAM4s SPS-2000

  • Touch is Intuitive
  • Touch is Easy to Use
  • Touch Promotes Savings
  • Touch is the Fastest Way to Input Transactions
  • Designed For Reliability

No Hard Disk Drive By using compact flash memory instead of a hard disk drive, the SAM4s SPS-2000 is inherently more reliable and requires less maintenance.
EPROM Program Storage The SPS-2000 application program is bundled with each terminal and preloaded in EPROM, providing exceptional reliability, stability and speed – with significantly faster booting than traditional PC-based POS.
No Single Point of Failure Each SPS-2000 is fully functional without a server or network, meaning that there is no single point where an unexpected failure could completely disable your system.
Quiet Fanless Operation With no fan to draw contaminants into the register, the SPS-2000 will perform better and last longer.

Popular POS Components Included – Not Added On Each SPS-2000 includes a magnetic card reader and a rear customer display. These essential components are significantly more expensive when added on to a bare-bones terminal.
Rear Display The rear display allows consumers to monitor prices as items are entered and view the sale total.
Magnetic Card Reader Use to swipe payment cards when integrated payment options are implemented, or to log or clock in employees.
Easy Save/Load Store programs or collect reports with the SD memory card port or USB port.
Easy to Access Ports Connect to a wide array of compatible off-the-shelf POS peripherals with six serial ports and two USB ports.

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